Book cover shows historic Napoleon House bar with a small Napoleon statue overlooking bar patrons with mirror in the background.

Napoleon House Book

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120 pages
40 color illus.
28 b&w photos

The Napoleon House has seduced New Orleans visitors and locals for generations and become a favorite destination for all connoisseurs of atmosphere. In lyrical prose and luminous photographs, Mikko Macchione and Kerri McCaffety tell its story. From its eighteenth-century beginnings as the home of one of la Nouvelle Orléans’ most prominent citizens and the proposed home for Napoleon himself, through its incarnation as an Italian family grocery, and finally, to its status as one of the world’s greatest bars, anecdotes garnered from historic figures, politicians, and the families who lived and worked there bring its rich history to life. Today the Napoleon House serves fine wines and New Orleans cocktails fit for the emperor himself. Signature recipes—including instructions for Napoleon House Bruschetta and the legendary Pimm’s Cup—are placed throughout the book and illustrated with luscious color photographs